Dance Knight

Dance Knight
First dance show at Lynn University

Monday, March 14, 2011

Kick Line not Can-Can

That's Right Etai...a kickline. A lot of my classmates have seen me rehearse this number for the past few weeks (literally minutes before class starts) and I thought it would be fun for them to see the final product (it's also a chance for everyone to see some of the talent that will be performing at "Celebration of the Arts" night)

This clip is from the show "Cabaret" which takes place in Germany, right before the start of World War II; this piece shows the drastic change that took place in Germany when the Nazi party came to power:

This is a clip from "Cabaret" the musical performed at the Willow Theatre;
The Boca Raton Theatre Guild gave permission for this recording.


jjohn137 said...

sweet video, you have my textbook you theif when do i get it back hahaha!

Marianna Lizzie H. said...

Hahahah too cute, I loved it. You lift that leg gir, woot!

Katie said...
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Kayla Golladay said...

show...Congrats....BEAUTIFUL!!!!.....Have you booked anymore dancers? How are the dances coming along??

Anonymous said...

Great job Bianca:) I love the video! that's awesome!

Bianca said...

Thanks everyone!
Kayla- the show is coming along great! Very crazy and UGH but I'm still alive somehow. Can't wait for musical review tonight. You should put video of the show up on ur blog!!