Dance Knight

Dance Knight
First dance show at Lynn University

Monday, March 14, 2011

Featured Dancers

Hello Everyone!

For this post I just wanted to awknowledge a few of the featured dancers who will be performing at "Celebration of the Arts" night (new title, same great show):

Sophia Barrett*, Mitchell Butts, Marc Castellano*, Ariana Champan, Kayla Golladay*, Marianna Lizzie H*, Jennifer Lebowitz, Del Marrero, Natalia Marquez*, Alex Meyers*, Danielle Natividad, Arturo Sierra, Jackie Toth,
Timea Varga*, Melissa Williams*
*- Indicates Lynn University student


Marianna Lizzie H. said...

Wait...this is awesome but my name is on here??? I'm performing? Hello? *chuckles*...I just became as confused as a little lost bunny in a field of watermelon.

Anonymous said...

I love this! I like how its short but very meaningful! I sure hope I get to see it and I bet yall are working very hard and will do awesome!